About Us

Nature River Park LTD.
We are the official Carnival- Damajagua Tour operator, servicing all ships that interact with the “Amber Cove Terminal” in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic and the Damajagua. Our goal is to provide impeccable service at all times, the Nature River Park (NRP) staff is committed to making your trip as memorable as possible. We will stop at nothing to make sure that your stay and experience with us in as safe and joyful as can be. When it comes to safety we have worked together with the Damajagua Safety instructors to assure that all considerations have been giving to walking trails, rivers, jump sites and slides. La Damajagua and NRP are interested in providing cruiser and visitors a like, the best time possible, by reducing risks and eventful situations that may in some point during your tour experience affect your visit to this amazing natural site.
Our photographers continuously capture important and special shots with out interfering with your fun and open enjoyment. Their expertise as well as their professionalism are your greatest asset- they confirm this fact by Capturing the best moments in their cameras to later immortalize your experience in every shot.
Our Photos represent you and only you, having a joyful time at Damajagua- wether your hiking to the top 7 charcos or sliding down one of the amazing waterfalls a photographer is keeping an eye on your laughing moment, amazement, thrill or simply terrified moment. When you purchase one of the many photos available in this site, you can rest assure your getting fun and quality every single time.
Enjoy your self as you further enhance memories when you visit and view our Photo Gallery….

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.